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Strategic Plan

Driving sustainable economic growth and shared prosperity for all in the Greater Grand Rapids Region

In July 2022, The Right Place, Inc. (RPI) began the process of the next three-year strategic plan. This strategic plan provides a framework for the role of RPI in Greater Grand Rapids' future economic prosperity.

Since 1985, RPI has conducted strategic planning exercises resulting in either a three- or five-year strategic plan. As we prepared this three-year strategy, we did so while contemplating a 10-year vision to be among the best regional economies in the greater Midwest. This approach will provide agility in navigating short-run economic disruptions while remaining focused on long-term economic growth.

View The Right Place 2023-2025 Strategic Plan

View the three-year strategic framework that builds towards a 10-year vision: To be amongst the best regional economies in the Midwest.

View the Strategic Plan